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There is no one listed in Spanish cooking. Don't know if you can answer this. If not, who in the cooking area would know?  This is my question:
Can you explain to me the differences in Picuda, Hojiblanca, and Arbequina olive oil.
Many thanks.
CR Wilson

Hi There,

Thank you for your question! Since this isn't my strongest area of expertise, I am happy to take a shot at your question by providing some links I have bookmarked that I have found quite helpful. I can tell you from my own experience that all three are Spanish varietals (literally the type of olive or the "Cultivar"), with Arbequina being one of the most prevalent in Spanish Olive Oil production# To stereotype quite a bit, you will find most Spanish olive varietals have more nutty, buttery, and fruity flavors compared to Italian varietals that have a more grassy and herbal notes# Arbequina is actually the most common varietal used in California olive oil production these days# It has one of the more approachable flavor profiles, being fairly mild, sweet and buttery# I have included two links below# The first  has a nice description of all three varietals you are looking at from both an agricultural and culinary perspective# The second link, Olive Oil Times, is a site that I visit all the time for questions on specific Olive Oils  - it is probably the most comprehensive resource on Olive Oils, particularly from the perspective of individual tasting notes# You'll see that you can actually select the "Cultivar" from the dropdown on the left and review the individual tasting notes# By doing so, you can get a feel for the overall characteristics of the olive, but also see how they differ depending on the climate, producer, terroir, etc# You will find mostly mild and medium body oils in these categories, but there are a few more assertive ones as well#  

<a href="http://www#elaceitedejaen#es/jaen_olives#html">
<a href="http://www.oliveoiltimes.com/olive-oil-guide">

Best of Luck! Feel free to ask any follow up questions - I certainly don't mind doing a little bit of research if you aren't finding exactly what you are looking for.

Kind Regards,


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