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Hello, Marc!

  Now that I'm living on my own in a bachelor pad, I have been cooking for myself and really enjoy it! I've made seafood, meats, and love experimenting and trying recipes online.  My question is regarding the seasoning (or seemingly lack thereof) for things like salt, pepper, and even paprika. I am of Hungarian descent and we LOVE paprika! Though I can never taste the difference with or without..

  So why do recipes call for a teaspoon of salt or such seasonings? Are we really going to be able to taste the difference? I tried using a different type of paprika and I really didn't taste a difference. Just curious why it seems to happen. Such a small amount for sometimes up to 4 servings of food. Thanks for your help!


Many recipes are "under seasoned"  I would triple the paprika.

The important thing to convey is that Paprika comes in several varieties;

Sweet, smoked, and hot ...

all of which are best obtained from gourmet food sources.

I say "best" -- they all come from SPAIN. That is a key factor.

Their taste is extraordinarily fine and far superior to that of Hungary.


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