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Spinal Cord Injury/Severed Spinal Cord


Chris Lyman wrote at 2014-11-16 20:00:30
Although I am not a book learned expert, it seems I am a leading expert due to caring for my roommate for almost 10 years.  He severed his spine at T4-T5 and doctors often take a long time determining what is wrong with him.  Since getting his medical power of attorney, the doctors at the Seattle VA hospital's spinal cord unit rely on information from me.  The man I care for is always cold, will sit up, rub his head and appear to be awake.  That is the way he sleeps.  There is one critical area that has to do with his heart.  He is in constant AFIB for one and the other is that his blood pressure can spike to the point I need to put a nitroglycerine coated paper on him just long enough to get the BP and heart rate down and then transport him to the VA.  The people in the spinal cord unit are most familiar with this where emergency rooms have no experience.  The most important thing in a case like that is that you know her symptoms and can report them to the doctors.  I have been accepted as part of his care team, although unpaid and have been with him many times to the spinal cord unit.  This condition is so severe that they have a large poster in the waiting room with the details.  There is a name for this condition that eludes me.  The name is not important to me, just how his symptoms present.

I started here just as a tenant to this man, living upstairs in his house, to being his caregiver when they said he needed one and had no one else.  Any questions I can answer, please contact me.  

Spinal Cord Injury

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13 yrs living with c7 paraplegia due to a car wreck in 1995. I have a degree in Psyc and Rehab and a pretty good knowledge of physiology. I'm NOT a doctor, nor an insurance nor personal injury law expert. I am happy to advise on other aspects of SCI such as chairs, travel, meds, dealing with doctors, how this injury affects you emotionally and societally, or whatever else you can come up with. I'm female, and i live in the US.


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