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I'm 66 and in excellent health. Run 35-50 miles a week and work with weights 3 days a week. 2 weeks ago I bent over and got  what I would describE as an excruciating lower back pain. I'm not sure how to describe it but possibly as the worst cramp imaginable.  Since then I've been getting that same cramp, pain, etc., but usually only in the morning after I get up. If I'm careful as to how I move I can avoid it but one wrong move and it hits me. When it hits it's totally debilitating until I can find a position to relax my back. After the pain goes away i can function rather normally but carefully. I've continued to run without problems or pain although my range of motion is not as good. I've tried cold, heat and ibuprofen but this problem still exists. I admit I'm not good at resting but possibly I should. Wonder what you think......for info, no numbness in legs or other related problems to speak of. Thanks....appreciate your time

HI Dom, Sorry to get back to your question so late, I myself am a runner and have been away in Miami since January 25 to run in the ING half marathon and only now checked my e-mail. Dom I am extremely familiar with this kind of presentation of pain. I suggest that you immediately get examined by a chiropractic Doctor. You want to rule out that your pain is discogenic in nature, meaning to see if it might be a early bulging disc. To continue your training without knowing could actually make matters worse should it be discogenic.  I wonder if sneezing or coughing makes your pain worse, or bearing down on the toilet aggravates your pain. The doctor will see what the true nature of your pain is. He may order an x-ray and/or MRI.  I am not a huge fan of C-T scans so if your are recommended to get one I would ask if you get a MRI instead. MRI's are more visually descriptive and consequently more helpful, and also there is quite a bit of radiation exposure with C-T scans and none with MRI's. I don't recommend any further running until you have clarity as to the cause of your back problem.

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Dom I would love to hear back from you about your progress,

Dr. Ron Nusbaum

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