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QUESTION: I received an MRI and was diagnosed with 2 herniated disk on May 10th, 2012. The orthopedic surgeon said it heals within 6 months. He also said he can do a discectomy if it doesn't. I'm now experiencing weakness and pain in my left leg. I'm afraid that procedure will hinder me from weight lifting and getting back into shape.

ANSWER: Hello Mr. Sievert. Sorry to hear about your weakness and pain in your left leg.  I understand your  concern regarding the possibility that a discectomy may hinder you from weight lifting as well as getting into shape.  I would be interested in knowing more about you including, your height, weight, health as well as age and occupation.   I wanted to make a comment about weight lifting. I agree that weight lifting has many benefits, however it also comes with serious risks such as disc injury. So, even if you were helped with surgery, or perhaps even non-surgical spinal decompression it would be advised that you avoid over head weight lifting in order reduce possible re-injury. Patients who undergo our proprietary system, by and large get back to fully active lives as well as their regular exercise routines with certain precautions similar to what I have already discussed. I have performed over 14,000 individual treatment sessions from patients who fly to my back clinic from all over the world and experience unprecedented success for patients suffering from back pain , disc bulge , disc herniation , sciatica , leg pain and weakness and I can say without hesitation that all disc herniations do not always heal. Having said that - I recommend that you obtain a second opinion regarding your options.

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I wish you much success.

Dr. Ron Nusbaum

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QUESTION: I'm a 21 year old male. I'm 5'7" 235 pounds. I have put on 50 pounds since the injury. So my weight is not what i used to be. I worked as a certified nurse assistant. I am also going to continue working on a farm which involves very strenuous activity.

Hi William, thanks for the follow up. Sorry for getting back so late to you as aI have been and still been on vacation since January 25.  
Please seek out someone who performs non-surgical spinal decompression, uses the best technology and uses class IV K-Laser as well. I would seriously consider having this care if you are a candidate immediately. Please  dont do any overhead weight lifting in the mean time.  Do what you can from a diet perspective to reduce your weight.  Reduce your sitting time to 15 minutes max and then get up and move around for 5 minutes or so, also sleep on your side or back with pillows either between your legs or underneath them.

Please keep me posted William on your progress.

Dr. Ron Nusbaum

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