Spinal Decompression/L4/l5 discectomy


Its me Hope , with the herniated disc, and had surgery 6 weeks ago.  i couldnt ask a follow up question again so i decided to post here.

In my MRI before surgery it was written in the report that my l2, l3 disc spaces were slightly dehydrated. Please what will u advice I do about it.

And also my buttocks situation, reduced in size, will it get to normal?

Thank u

Hope ~

I'm glad to hear that you have made some progress. You mentioned before that you were doing physio therapy and I hope you have continued. The secret to a good physical therapy result is to "push" the weak areas but not "force" them. A little bit like training for an Olympic competition you start off doing as much as you comfortably can and gradually add to it so that eventually you are doing easily what before seemed an impossiblity. It sounds as though you will need help developing these excercise routines and a good phyical therapist will be well equiped to do so. I would guess that when you can go an entire week without pain doing normal everyday activities you could safely begin more strenuous activities like sports. Again, you will start off with light drills and gradually add to this until you finally play a whole game.


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