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Respected Sir,
         My 57 year old sister is suffering from back(waist) pain.Doctors are advising operation.We are not in favour of surgery.I am attaching her MRI(LS Spine) report.
         MRI REPORT
Multiplanner MR images of Lumbo Sacral Spine done using TISE sagittal and transverse,T2TSE transverse,sagittal and coronal and Stir sagittal sequences
Exaggerated lumbar lordosis   
Vertebral bodies are normal in height and signal intensity. End plates are preserved.
Diffuse disc bulge of L4-L5 disc with compression of bilateral neural foramina and impingement of bilateral exiting nerve roots
Annulus tear of L4-L5 disc
Canal stenosis at L4-S1 level The diameter is as follows
Level   AP (cm)
L1   1.43
L1-L2   1.68
L2   1.64
L2-L3   1.55
L3   1.22
L3-L4   1.40
L4   1.18
L4-L5   0.54
L5   1.10
L5-S1   1.06

Cords ends at L1 mid body level and lower visible part of cord shows normal thickness and signal intensity
Facet Joints show a normal spaces and articular margins.
Ligamentum flavum hypertrophy at L4-L5 level
Paraspinal soft tissues are seen normally
Degenerative changes of intervertebral discs
Diffuse disc bulg of L4-L5 disc with compression of bilateral neural foramina and impingement of bilateral exiting nerve roots
Annulus tear of L4-L5 disc
Canal steosis at L4-S1 level

Dear Kalyan,

Please accept my sincere wishes that your sister should have speedy recovery with her back pain. With regards to her case, I am unable to make recommendations on mri findings alone. However, many of our patients have similar mri findings which include bulging discs, disc bulge, annulus tear, ,annular tear,  etc. and have experienced excellent results. Back Clinics of Canada offers a unique system called the High Performance Healing System, which integrates Spinal Decompression as a component of an extremely successful approach which is both non-surgical and drugless and in over 20,000 sessions offered we have seen unparalleled lasting results. The system also incorporates Class IV k- Laser, this is the most powerful non - surgical therapeutic laser around as well as Disc Renewal plus - a breakthrough nutritional supplementation system which supports the healing of damaged connective tissue as well as can help reduce pain and inflammation. We have many patients from all over the world, including from India where you are writing to me,  who travel to our clinic to be evaluated for their candidacy as well as treatment.
You can visit our web site at www.backclinicsofcanada.ca to consider further.
If I can be of further assistance please contact me again.


Dr. Ron Nusbaum

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