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Spiritual Healing/Neck tension, spiritual block, negativity


Donna wrote at 2013-05-31 03:39:29
I also experiencing the tense "clenching" jaw symptom, usually I wake up with it and it stays with me all day, this happens at least once a month at the beginning of the month, some times it last a few days. I have to consciously relax my jaw and usually find it tense, I am in a sad or lonely state and usually can cry at just about anything during these episodes. I want to say it's a hormone issue, usually some sinus issues and a headache may be present.

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Rona Ferrara


I was born an intuitive body scanner and empath and I always just assumed others knew/saw what I did. When I realized this wasn't the case, I knew I could help people heal their lives in a profound and complete way. I am able to remotely scan the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your body that are out of alignment and I am able to guide you in the direction to heal in a way that is safe and in integrity for you. I can intuit messages for you to guide you toward healing your life.


I am the Wellness Practitioner at the Center for Intuitive Development and have been doing energy work for over 7 years. If you would like more specific assistance/healing, you can go to to schedule a remote session with me.

I have a Master's Degree in Acupuncture, and undergraduate degrees in biology and chemistry, and I am certified as an EMT, in Kinesiology, Touch for Health Kinesiology, as an Intuitive Consultant, Acutonics, Quantum Touch and Energy Healing.

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