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Spiritual Healing/Spiritual insects meanings/death & after life/warnings


AmitKarnik wrote at 2012-11-12 15:59:28

i too lost my mom recently. it has left me devastated, sleepless and gasping.

please tell me your email. i desperately need some questions answers

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I invite all questions about spirituality, soul, soul journey, life lessons, soul wounding, communicating with our inner 'unseens', communicating with our spiriual selves, energetic healing, NLP, hypnosis, flower essences and all questions about relationships. Questions I can't answer? I am certainly not your math guy!


Over 30 years helping thousands of people to love themselves and build a life of THEIR choosing... My Expertise expands to the areas of: Interpersonal communication, Relationship coaching, Hypnosis, Spiritual development, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP); Narrative, Gestalt, & Brief Systemic Therapies; and "The Enneagram" I use the specific Metaphysical teachings of "Lazaris" related to our Soul Journey, Our Spirit, God, Goddess and All That Is. Connecting with your "unseens" is a part of the coaching we do, I've been helping others to do so successfully for the 12 years.

Society of NLP Business Networking International BNI

I have published articles for The American Society of Training and Development and The American Marketing Association. I have been quoted for my coaching and training expertise in: The Boston Globe, The Chicago RedEye, Fitness Magazine, and Crain’s Chicago Business. I have also written over 100 articles posted on Follow the journey or click any tab to pick an article.

Certified Trainer of NeuroLinguistic Programming, MA in Managerial Leadership; BA in Counseling Psychology, Certified Consultant Hypnotist, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Certified Systemic Family Therapist: Training in Narrative, Gestalt, & Brief Systemic Therapies. 21 Days Intensive specific spiritual / advanced coaches training throught Lucid Living.

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I work with 20-25 individuals and couples at any given time with a caseload no larger than 35 clients. I’ve been a successful Personal Relationship Coach for the past 12 years with a focus on personal and spiritual growth. By helping my clients to get past the social dictates they were taught they discover their gifts while they create their own rules building their own brand of success, a true life they love. Most of my work with couples has been helping them to love their self, each other and to embrace their preferences and differences through meaningful conversation. I help individuals build beautiful, loving relationships with their self, with others and in their spiritual life. I help couples to build joyous alternative intentional relationships amongst some very tough issues… Both are easy if you know the way!

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