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Spiritual Healing/why am i having these dreams?


over the last couple of weeks ive been having what feel like realistic dreams. Its like i can actually feel and hear whts going on. the first dream was of me following a little boy called luke up a river that led to the top of a mountain, but when i got there there was a green door. I opened it and there was loads of people young and old all wearing orange coats and one man with the name riks on his. I asked where Luke was and he said Luke had become Lucas now..then i woke up. The second dream was a lady was standing at my patio doors in a pink dressing gown she was reaching out to me but i panicked and woke up before she could touch me. these types of dreams are happening more often but i don't know any of the people in my dreams...ive never met them before so why am i dreaming of them...also they are not horrible people i feel friendliness during the dream but i think its the fact that i don't know them that panics me and wakes me up and they seem so real. My question is why do i keep having the same dreams with the same people and why are Luke/lucas and Riks the only names i know ? Any help would be gratefully accepted thank you  Michelle x

Hello Michelle,
happy to give my perspective on your dreams :)

First, anything I say here is only my perspective or best guess.

As far as the specifics of the dream are concerned I would probably have to know more about your life, who you are, your dreams in life (aspirations), your wants and don't wants, your childhood, etc.

However, my guess about the overall picture of your dreams and consciousness would be one of evolution.

I'm sure you are aware that we are currently undergoing a massive acceleration of consciousness which is pushing many people out of their 'comfort zones' in many different ways.  Thus, this time period is chalk full of challenges for most people in the world.  It's simply a matter of how conscious a person is during the process as to how much potential pain they do or do not experience.  So the more conscious and aware you are the more likely you will be to get through this time period with the least amount of turmoil.

I believe that your dreams represent a new group of people that you are preparing yourself to meet and interact with.  It's possible that you are evolving your consciousness to a point where you can be a vibrational match to them which means that you be able to relate to them.  Sometimes this is scary to the small 'self' and so we shy away from it.  Being around evolved beings can make you feel vulnerable even if they have no ill will towards you at all.

That is my thought about it Michelle.  I would attempt to allow myself interaction with them in the dream state and see what they have to say, if anything.  Perhaps they wish to convey a message to you that will make the whole thing make more sense, yes? :)

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