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About an year and a half ago I was the most jovial person on earth but had a bad habit of smoking cannabis or weed. I later experimented with acid a couple of times with my friends, the second time I was horribly scarred after a bad trip, since then I have not been the same. I have self diagnosed myself with unipolar depression, panick attacks, anxiety because I seem to have all these symptoms. I know there is a reason as to why I had that bad trip. Since then I have lost so much I don't talk to people alot I have fallen back in my studies my parents are hurt because of me, I can't even sleep properly at nights. I looked up spiritual healing and something tells me this would be the only way out I dunno. I really need help. I've been to several doctors but nothing has worked, I cry a lot. I have also read about Bruno groening and his healing panick attacks. My question or questions are
Can anything be done to get my life back or will I be scarred like this for life? Can spirit healing help me? If so does anyone know how? Please get in touch and help me I really need this badly everyday is a struggle for me. I believe that talking in person would be of great help to explain things better, especially via Skype. So please please help me.
Thank you.

Hello Vishva,
I am happy to help you with this.

I believe that acid and, perhaps better, ayahuasca are capable of serving a valuable purpose on your spiritual path.  However, the caveat is that this needs to be the right person at the right time.  For someone who is not prepared and has not done the proper amount of work on themselves then it can be devastating.

What happens when you do acid is that your personality actually can implode upon itself.  The psyche becomes dismantled and you are faced with your unhealed emotional body.  However, if you have done the necessary work on yourself (on the emotional body) ahead of time then this can be blissful.  Otherwise it can be a nightmare.

Now unfortunately you are faced with a splintered psyche that has been pushed too far too soon.

It's not that it was a really bad decision it's simply that you were nowhere near ready for this type of thing.

Real spiritual growth happens mostly in the emotional body.  This is where the majority of the work takes place.  Really, we are controlled primarily by the emotional body..or rather, the unhealed emotional body.

Doing that acid trip brought it all to the surface in one big lump and overwhelmed you.

Does this make sense?

The way I handle this is the way I handle all trauma.  I have created a technique called 'Emotional Integration' which I do over skype with people all around the world.

If you are interested in booking some sessions you can email me at, I am happy to help Vishva.

Let me know how you would like to proceed.

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