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Spiritual Healing/Sudden panic attack feeling the past few days


QUESTION: Hi Melanie,

A bit of background: I have been living with an unease about where I live for the last fifteen or so months now. It's nothing I can put my finger on - everyone else loves it here, but for some reason I feel trapped and drained here. I have felt this way since the first day we moved in.

Yesterday I was out playing with the kids when I suddenly felt dizzy, panicky and short of breath. At first I thought I might be starting a migraine 'aura', but then the shortness of breath and panic didn't feel like my usual aura effects. Today I am beginning to feel this way too. Weak in my body as well.

This feels mental/spiritual rather than physical. Physically I am relatively healthy - not peak condition, but probably above average.

I am thinking this is a chakra issue, or an aura issue - I feel like the energy here is not good for me somehow. Not the house, but the land itself? I have been feeling a little like the life is being sucked out of me, as though I am diminishing somehow? I can't see auras visually, but I get the 'sense' of three strikes through my aura when I try to sense it? Can an 'off' environment leave a mark on one's aura? Can I rectify this without moving?

My gut says no but I am curious for a second opinion.

ANSWER: Hi Kate,

On reading your email my intuition tells me that you need a space clearing. You're obviously sensitive and are picking up on something strong - you're feeling drained. So I encourage you to go with your intuition that something needs to be done. I recommend doing a space clearing with someone experienced in that.

The next stage would be to look at your own energetic boundaries. How is something getting in etc. This is not to blame you :) but often sensitive people / empaths need to look at this as not let stuff in and be overwhelming.

As for what you can do now - check your breath, can you breath fully, into the belly, expand the ribs and into the chest. notice the pattern....try to get as full a breath as possible, it'll help you process whatever is going on.

So, I hope this helps, and feel free to email me back if you want further clarification.

Good luck with it. Go with your intuition :) Melanie. x

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QUESTION: Thank you for your response Melanie.


Our home is opposite an oil storage facility, with electrical lines (and a main box) on one side and a water line on the other side and a forest at the back. I kind of feel 'attacked on all sides'. My relative gave me a sage bundle today, and once I get a feather, I will try to sage the house, but if this fails, I may call on someone with more experience in these things.

Will saging the outside help?

As for letting stuff in - yes you are right. I have been cautioned fairly recently on creating a protection around myself, but am yet to make a conscious effort in implementing this. I suppose this is a once a day, every morning when you wake up kind of deal? I feel like this is so much bigger than me - but white light etc. should help somewhat, yes?

hey Kate,

sage will help, but i don't think it'll solve the root cause of what's going on.

to strengthen your energetic boundaries, yep find something that works for you and do it morning and evening.

it sounds quite strong what you're going through, i really recommend you get someone in to clear yourself and your space. Sounds like you know someone which is great. Oh you don't need a feather to use the sage. set your intent to clear the space and burn it and use your hand.

call on the guides that are with you by the choice of your soul to help and see what happens. surround yourself in white light first. see how you go.

Good luck :)


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