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QUESTION: I'm sorry if this is a bit long, but I believe some background info will help, and I've been holding so much in myself for so long.

Just a little over 2 years ago I was on no spiritual path and was a self defined atheist. I had gotten into psychedelic use wherein each trip I had, now looking back, profound spiritual experiences. During this time I became detached from worldly pleasures, took up a hyper healthy lifestyle and closed myself in my own little world. This all culminated with me using DMT where I had an experience with the Spirit of the Earth, and the divine light. For a short time afterword my life was full of mystical events with a few more drug trips in which I perceived heavenly realms and various deities(gods I'd never seen or knew about prior to those trips). After a short time of pure happiness I started slipping into old habits and if I tried to trip, I would have spiritual experiences, only instead of heaven and deities, these trips were full of hellish realms and demonic beings. So I slipped into a depression where no matter how hard i tried, spirituality slowly meant less and less.
Skip ahead 2 years and a couple of days ago I started unknowingly having panic attacks. Then one day before work I had such a severe attack that a coworker took me to the hospital because I was hyperventilating and thought I was going to die. The doctor and nurses told me it was just a panic attack and prescribed me some Xanax. Overall, the anxiety has gone down but I'm still experiencing intense physical symptoms like strange breathing, tight chest, dizziness, etc.; all of which start to bring on other attacks. And now my sleep pattern is very weird. I wake up in increments of every 2 hours and whenever I wake up I have strnge symptoms which near throw me into an attack; the symptoms listed above as well as distorted kaleidoscope vision/ seeing waves of light particles, and really abnormal breathing patterns and heat.
A part of me worries there really is something physically wrong, though I'm comforted knowing the sensations come in waves and aren't an all day thing. One part worries that I'm just developing panic disorder and getting stucki in a cycle of fear. And then another part of me hopes its just the kundalini finishing up whatever it started. Any advice/help/suggestions?

ANSWER: Hi there Max,

Thanks for your message. From the info you've given me it sounds to me like you've picked up some entities whilst you were tripping. You've obviously opened yourself up, but as you used drugs to do this, it's difficult to choose which doors you've opened and and so it's also difficult to close them again. It also sounds like you're having difficulty grounding your helpful experiences into this reality.

So, I suggest you do an entity clearing and rebuild your energetic boundaries. It's completely possible to clear and re-build and get back on track.

I would however strongly advise you to not take DMT again. It's highly likely to make matters worse. It is possible to trigger your kundalini to rise with drugs, but it can actually be quite dangerous for the mental state. (think of 1000 watts going through a 60 watt circuit)

I hope this info helps, and feel free to message me again if you need anything I've said clarifying or have more questions.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you very much for responding. And thank you for being understanding. My only problem is that I don't have any spiritual/psychic teachers in my life so I really have no idea how to do any of the things you listed.

And as an add-on, I was able to fall asleep shortly after sending the question. I had a very intense dream which ended with me flying on a chair in an auditorium. At some point it became very intense and then I was like "Hey, I'm dreaming". I gained some control over it and told myself to wake up. Then I was stuck in this sort of limbo where I was fully conscious, but not completely connected with my body. And I was overcome by this immense (can't really think of a good way of explaining it) surge. Like the explosion of a billion fireworks going off in me.

Hi there Max,

Apologies, I've only just seen your response.....I don't get a notification of a reply. I was logging in to answer another question and saw that you'd replied.

So, I hope you're doing ok, and wanted to clarify that there are bound to be some healers near you that can help you. Alternatively, we can do this via Skype. All the details are on my website if you want to go forward.

I also wanted to be clear that I'm not on this forum to try to sell my services, so I'm giving you unbiased advice based on my experience.

I really hope this helps and that things are in progress for you.

Cheers, Melanie.  

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