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I recently read some interesting articles about spiritual connections and twin souls.

I have/had someone in my life who I have this undeniable attraction for. I know that it's not lust or that it's there for sexual reasons. I feel like I have a deep understanding for this person and that I deeply care about them.

We used to be friends, then we had a falling out, and now we're not on speaking terms.

My question is, what type of spiritual relationship could this be?

Jordan, this could be someone you've encountered in a past life (if you believe in reincarnation).  Many times relationships we have that end, is a situation where our soul is tying up loose ends with this other individual.  That feeling that you have about understanding and caring for this person could be a carryover from a previous incarnation.  

I do want to emphasize that re-encounters from a prior lifetime are not necessarily a "soulmate" situation, but that doesn't mean they are not important.

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