Why do people go to spiritualism instead of christianity? why do spiritualism attract those people more than the christian religion which has been a part of their culture for many years?

Henrik, thank you for your question.  It is important to understand that Spiritualism and Christianity are not mutually exclusive.  Spiritualism, at its beginning, was not meant to be a new denomination or religion.  Its purpose was to validate the existence of life after death and the immortality of the soul.  It did not begin as a theology or anything like that except to understand and validate the continuity of life.  That was the whole purpose of psychical research.  Many early Spiritualists--and Spiritualists today--are professing Christians.  In the United States, many early Spiritualists were members and ministers of the Universalist Chuurch, which was a Christian denomination.  I know of Spiritualists who belong to the United Methodist and Disciple of Christ (Christian) Church.  Because a person is a Spiritualist does not mean that he/she is not Christian. Being a Spiritualist, as I say, is believing that we survive physical death and have an immortal soul.  A person does not have to belong to a Spiritualist Church to do that.  You could belong to the Church of Sweden and be a Spiritualist.  You say that the Christian religion has been part of the culture for many years. Spiritualism, in its belief in spirits, is much older than Christianity.  Spiritualism, with its belief in immortality, is probably at the base of all religions.  I think Spiritualism grew as a religion/church when the church turned toward rationalism and started denying things like immortality and the soul.  When I was in seminary, a number of students did not believe in life after death.  What hope, then, can they give grieving families? People turn to Spiritualism when the church does not meet their spiritual needs.  As I say, Spiritualism did not begin to be a church, yet it became one when it began to increasingly minister to people's spiritual needs.  Joel


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