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Hey experts!

I do hope somebody here can help me.

I am a final year Journalism student and am currently drawing up my final project plan.

I hope to investigate the Spiritualist Church and will be looking at how it can have positive effects on those with emotional/mental health problems. However, i also have to look at the other side of it, which is the sceptical side and those who feel that the church can be fraudulent, and/or exploits the vulnerable.

I need to secure 10 interviewees to put down on my project plan by friday (20th jan!). It is proving very difficult at the moment!

If anybody can shed some light/opinion on this subject, do let me know. I can then put u down on my interviewee list and in the next month or two will send you over some questions/call you.

Huge thanks


The following books will give you the basic ideas of Scientology/Dianetics.  All are byt L. Ron Hubbard: DIANETICS: THE ORIGINAL THESIS, SCIENTOLOGY: 8-8008, SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL, SELF ANALYSIS, and SCIENTOLOGY: A NEW SLANT ON LIFE.  Scientology is a substudy of Dianetics.  Hubbard originally organized Dianetics as an alternative mental health system, and the Church of Scientology, which you might call the "religious" side of Dianetics, was founded around 1980.
    Shamanism is a form of spirit healing.  There is a book called SHAMANISM, edited by Shirley J. Nicolson.  Another book to consider is SPIRITUAL HEALING by Dora Kunz.
    Wicca, or witchcraft, often has methods of healing, much of which concerns visualization, as well as rituals.
    These may also help your study.  Joel  


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