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QUESTION: Hi Joel, I would like to ask you, why does the Bible say that the soul is not immortal and that only God is and in Spiritualism, the belief is totally opposite.

Which is correct? Is the Bible wrong?

ANSWER: There are different views of the meaning of "soul".  There is the belief that the soul is the entire person, like " man became a living soul." There is a difference between the "immortality of the soul," which is Greek, and the "resurrection of the body," which is Hebriac.  The latter view was that the body would be resurrected.  There have always been different views.  Jews believed in "Sheol," which was a shadowy underworld.  The Greeks believed that we have an inner, immortal self and this influenced Christian theology.  I think that things as Spiritualism present a witness of immortal hope.  What is most essential is that our life and hope is in God.  Joel

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QUESTION: so it is impossible to know beyond doubt what happens after the death of the body? There is no way to KNOW the Truth?

The Bible says that some things are like "seeing through a glass darkly.". Really, the only ones who actually know the truth about immortality are those who have died.  Remember Lazarus and the Rich Man.  He, in hades, wanted Lazarus to rise from the dead and warn his family.  Abraham said, " They have Moses and the prophets.  They would not believe even if someone rose from the dead.". Spiritualism is not a proof of immortality. There has been much fraud and fakery.  Houdini wanted to prove immortality, but about every medium used tricks.  We don't know about immortality because our task is to live now.  We may not know the details of immortality, but this we do know:  we have a God who loves us and we are secure in His grace.  The Psalmist says, "Where can I go from Your Spirit?" You have to trust. Your life, your future is in God.


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