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QUESTION: I don't really need help with my health, but I read that you deal with spirituality.

Any chance that you know what a spiritual connection with someone is?

ANSWER: Hi Jordan. Having a spiritual connection with someone can mean that you think alike, have the same values and goals, interests, outlook on life, etc. I think it also usually means that such things are the focus of the relationship. For example, you might not be attracted to someone as a girlfriend or boyfriend, yet still have a spiritual connection with the person. Of course, it would be best if you also share a spiritual connection with a partner, but sometimes that may not be the case. I think maybe my parents did not share a spiritual connection. They were very different in their thinking, and even in their values to some extent, and yet were married.

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QUESTION: So what is a spiritual connection with someone who you are dating or interested in dating like?

I think you would enjoy talking to this person about things that are important to you and would find that person to be stimulating. I once had a friend with whom I had a "spiritual connection" and we would have deep conversations about many things that we enjoyed tremendously.

Sometimes it's called a "Platonic" relationship, which is distinguished from a romantic relationship. Plato was a philosopher who helped people realize things (about truth, beauty, friendship, etc.) that they didn't realize before, just by talking with them. It's that kind of thing. But you don't have to be talking about philosophy. You just feel comfortable talking with that person, and conversations seem to go somewhere.

You can't plan on having that kind of relationship with anyone, nor should you expect it. People can be happy with a partner and even have a best friend without having a spiritual connection with them. If and when it happens with someone, though, it will be special.


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I can answer questions about the relationship between spiritual and religious teachings and nutrition -- why some advocate vegetarianism (yet most don't require it), why some have an ambivalent attitude, and why some pay no attention to the subject or even reject it. Based on my research, I would generally recommend to everyone that they include some form of animal food in the diet (dairy at a minimum) because of the nutritional importance of animal foods. There is no religious tradition that requires adherents to exclude all animal foods. I cannot answer personal questions about diet as individual diet must be based on individual needs. Personal questions should be addressed to a qualified dietary or medical practitioner.


I have been studying the relationship between spirituality and nutrition for over 30 years and wrote an academic thesis on the subject. I have now completed a manuscript and am seeking a publisher.

Health Progress, "Toward a Theology of Wellness," November-December 2002, http://www.chausa.org/2002_Annual_Index.aspx

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