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I don`t like so much meat, I`m triying to avoid it.
my question is; This decision will be wrong...?

Thank you.

Hi Debora. From a spiritual point of view, the question of eating meat is an intuitive one, which means you have to use your intution. There are pros and cons to meat-eating; it can help to ground us in outer life, but too much hinders inner life and development. This is why spiritual traditions express different and even contradictory points of view on the question.

You say you don't like so much meat, which is a clear indication to be guided by. "So much" doesn't necessarily mean "avoid completely," but again, it's up to you. Why, however, do you think your decision will be wrong?

On the other hand, no spiritual tradition advocates veganism, or no animal food at all. In India, which is the culture longest associated with spiritually-motivated vegetarianism, dairy is usually included in the diet. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that most people need some form of animal food for good health. I don't know if such books are available in Argentina, but the books "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" by Weston Price and "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon are to be recommended. I have written a manuscript myself that goes into nutritional questions from a spiritual point of view in depth, but it's not available yet ("The Yogi Diet, Spirituality and the Question of Vegetarianism"). I hope it will be available soon.

I hope this response helps, Debora. Feel free to write again.


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I can answer questions about the relationship between spiritual and religious teachings and nutrition -- why some advocate vegetarianism (yet most don't require it), why some have an ambivalent attitude, and why some pay no attention to the subject or even reject it. Based on my research, I would generally recommend to everyone that they include some form of animal food in the diet (dairy at a minimum) because of the nutritional importance of animal foods. There is no religious tradition that requires adherents to exclude all animal foods. I cannot answer personal questions about diet as individual diet must be based on individual needs. Personal questions should be addressed to a qualified dietary or medical practitioner.


I have been studying the relationship between spirituality and nutrition for over 30 years and wrote an academic thesis on the subject. I have now completed a manuscript and am seeking a publisher.

Health Progress, "Toward a Theology of Wellness," November-December 2002, http://www.chausa.org/2002_Annual_Index.aspx

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