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Can you give me some information about opening a soccer club in California?? (south orange county to be specific) I read your answer about opening a soccer club in UK.
If you can send me some information, websites,anything will be very helpful.


Hi, Pili. This is a great question and thanks for reaching out through All Experts for assistance and resources.

First, let me say how excited I am for you and your colleagues in exploring the formation of a soccer club!!! Secondly, keep in perspective the time frame in which you can accomplish things as well as the budget and funding you will need.

As a primary step, I would draft a business plan. There is a great resource at
This is a 34 page biz plan that can guide you in components of consideration in building a new club.

As a first step in getting your collective heads wrapped around the idea of a formation of a club, I would take some time with your colleagues to reflect on the following key considerations:
1. What makes your club unique? What is your Unique Selling Position in the marketplace?
2. Who are you serving? Build a profile of who you are serving - demographics, psychographics, geographic area.
3. How are you serving the athletes, coaches, parents, community and the growth of the sport?
4. How will you sustain the club so that it remains vibrant and flourishes in your community?
5. What processes need to be in place? What guidelines and best practices will your board adopt and embrace and put in to practice everyday?
6. What unique fundraising will you offer? See an idea below.
7. How are you using your club to impact the positive growth of youth, referees, coaches, fans?
8. What resources are at your disposal?
9. How will you attract and retain "members" of your club? These could be volunteers, players, refs, coaches, sponsors.
10. What ROI will you show your sponsors and business partners? How are you adding benefit to their bottom line and how many "memberships" does it take to show a positive ROI.

You can check out the 7 Steps to Building a Successful Soccer Team, a podcast, at

Additionally, build a list of governing associations connected to soccer, including --state youth & adult soccer association, ref associations, college coaches association, women's soccer league association (OCWSL),
Also, I would contact the California Referees Association and particularly the Orange County Soccer Ref Assoc.

Let all the associations know that you need assistance in building a biz plan to get the club started, funded and sustainable. Share your Unique Selling Position with any one and all that will listen!

Media Relations: Develop the club's story and share the story with the Orange County Register (sports editor) as well as the local news (TV) affiliates, the most popular and powerful radio stations as well as the small (that often have very loyal listeners) stations, including any stations affiliated with area colleges and universities.
Have a general media release in which you share the good news of beginning to establish a club. Have a key person serve as your media conduit so the message is the same across all media platforms you contact.

Social Media: Your website can be optimized and you can get volunteers to assist with this. Let me know the addresses and I will converse and support your social media efforts. I can also assist you with optimizing and put you in contact with SEO (search engine optimization) experts who perform best practices for an insanely reasonable rate!

Fundraising: My company has a fundraising component connected to Soccer1Fit online plans in which we affiliate with partners (clubs, leagues, organizations) to support their fundraising efforts. I would welcome conversing with you on how we can assist you. Also, we would be recommending that you become a distributor, through us, for a whole foods nutrition product and we can wrap some sponsorship ideas around this for you.

Sponsorship: If you need further assistance here, I can outline some of the best practices for you. Let me know.

I sincerely hope this helps in the very primary stages and gives you good info to build upon your ideas! I can't wait to hear the plans!

Let me know if you need clarification on any point or if you want me to hop on a conference call with you or any one in your organization to answer any questions. You can reach me at my office in Florida at 904.460.9577.

Yours in sport business,
Margy Lang, MS, MBA

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