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Thank you Ms. Lang.. I will follow your guidelines and suggestions.
Thank you so much for all your help and giving me your time.

Alice, you are welcome. Here are few additional resources: Choosing your Tagline from blog post; and Ohio University Athletics Strategic Plan (link to the PDF of their plan).

Let me know if you have further questions, insights or comments.

Best of luck!

Yours in sport business,
Margy Lang

No part of your business is so small that you should overlook it.  Your tagline communicates instantly who you are, what you do, your company’s personality, and the primary benefit you offer to your customers.
How do you come up with legendary taglines like Nike’s “Just Do It” or DeBeer’s “A Diamond is Forever?”  Developing an iconic tagline like that might be impossible for you, but you can get close and attract more customers if you follow this process:
1. Understand that it is an Open-Ended Process
You won’t scribble down a few ideas in your extra time and magically stumble across the tagline your customers are dying to hear.  It is going to be a process – there’s no doubt about that.  You’ll have to brainstorm with your key personnel.  Think about it when you’re in the shower that morning.
Tell your secretary you’d love to hear her thoughts.  You don’t know where your tagline will come from, but it will arise – in its own time.
2.  Be Clear
Your tagline isn’t the time to be creative – you don’t want to confuse people.  Instead, you want to be simple, clear and to the point.  Your tagline should be around 5-7 words or so.
3.  Know Your Market
What problem do you solve for your market?  That’s what your tagline should focus on.  Disneyland is the “Happiest Place on Earth.”  What is it that your market really wants?  They want some sort of good feeling – so deliver it to them right away in your tagline.
To find your benefit, keeping asking the question, “So what?”  Do you provide innovative technological products?  The consumer’s going to say, “So what if they’re innovative – you can get that type of stuff just about anywhere!”  That means your benefit is going to need to be more specific.
4.  Run Your Ideas by Your Customers
Once you’ve got a few ideas, run them by your customers.  You can do this digitally by sending out an e-mail survey, or if you have a physical location as well, just asking for feedback.
5.  Add Some Personality
Your tagline doesn’t have to be serious – it should contain some personality to give your customers an idea of how you do things.  Don’t go all the way to the other extreme and go completely off the wall either.
6.  Make Sure it Doesn’t Repeat Your Brand Name’s Concepts
Keep it completely original – that’s one of the main keys.  All words, ideas, and benefits should be unique.
Now it’s off to the races – and remember when you hit on the right one, that can be a significant leap forward for your business psychologically and financially.


Ohio University Athletics STRATEGIC PLAN (includes Marketing, Community Outreach, Media Communications strategy)  

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