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Hi Mary..
I am geared up for the leagues next meeting, which we will be talking about media and marketing.
I am trying to put together a presentation.. and really need some guidance.

- Presentation boards
- Dry Erase board
- Media presentation.. (hype video promos, last year game highlights, epic music)
- Booklets.. overall introduction
- Role-play: greeting potential sponsors.. Approach and deliver
- Guest Speaker (Interested?)

Present four main marketing presentations on the four presentation boards I bought.
Which would be the following:
Have a media marketing kit.. which will include
Samples of business card/flyer/team trifold presentation for seeking sponsors/team booklet
The second half of the meeting will be Motivation Speaking..  Coaching through structure and condition.
And that is where I stopů. Blanků..

Alice, hi. You are on the right track!
The first part of your presentation, is good. Give the team owners the same messaging, the same kit.

Perhaps you could put together a simple Public (Media) relations guide with some scenarios or what if statements that might be issues or potential questions that all the owners might receive.

Also the guide provides them with a timeframe or timeline of how to reach out to the media after every game, within an hour, with the score and the highlights. They MUST do this and they must report scores in a very timely fashion. The sports journalists will appreciate the promptness of knowing the scores and get the details. They will be more likely to cover the game in the future and they will be more likely to run the scores and the content you provide.

The sponsorship kit you provide your team owners should include a series of questions they must ask themselves about their respective markets. Each market is different from a demographic perspective so what you are trying to do in this exercise is have the owners determine who is their intended fan or spectator. Who is the ideal person they want to have attend the games? This is building an avatar of the perfect spectator. The more time you spend on this with your teams the more clear they will be on who it is that the league is attracting to the games.

You then take that avatar or profile and you begin to "match" potential sponsors with the avatar. If, for example, your "perfect fan" is a male, age 25-35, single, middle income level, shares an apartment or has a townhouse (not a home owner), and has other interests in listening to music, fishing, and cars, you can begin to see who the prospective or targeted sponsors will be that you will go after.

The second step after building this profile is to gather for each of the municipalities where club franchises are located, data on the average income level, the ethical make up, etc. You can easily find this information and you can provide the franchise owners with this so they know their home market. Only when they know this can they accurately speak to prospective sponsors. This is different but supports or should support the demographic profile they've built in to their avatar.

Thirdly I would have the franchise/team owners build a sponsorship packet with you. Give all the franchise owners a set of standard values and benefits, regardless of where the team is located. These could include media relations and social media schedules/plans you have on a league-wide basis. The goal is to show the prospective sponsors tremendous value. The are calculating their ROI on their investment so you need to help  them get to that ROI as quickly as possible.

The sponsorship levels they come up with can be the basis of the tri-fold brochure. There could be standard value and benefits of investing sponsorship monies in a team, and then 2-3 panels of the brochure devoted to specific information relevant to the geographic area where the team has identified as its circle of interest. This is an area in which you have identified or helped to identify for the tams where they can sell tickets, sponsorships, and gain media exposure. The drawing radius is very important.

A couple of ideas on sponsorship. I would ask the team owners if they have components of their operations they can attach naming rights to. For instance, can they sell the naming rights of the concessions stand? Of the field, the parking lost, the locker rooms, the press/media box? Companies love to see their name attached to something stable, brick and mortar is best. They will feel much more aligned and tuned in to the team if they have an ongoing presence like a naming rights sponsorship.

As a start up league, don't discount the value of in-kind sponsorship or gifts of equipment, transportation, uniforms, advertising space, billboards, radio air time, etc. These are all valid sources of in kind sponsorship. When the franchises grown then they will have outgrown the ink in-kind donors and be asking for cash is king. But encouraging the teams to attract lots of in kind product and serves will positively affect the bottom line and in the formation years, it will give the clubs a chance to strengthen their ties with the local businesses without the businesses having to write checks to pay for a cash sponsorship investment.

I hope this helps. What questions do you have? What other areas do you need assistance?

Continued good luck with the rollout. It is exciting! You'll do very well!

Margy Lang  

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