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Sports Business/Do you ever feel the NCAA is unfair to those who wish to join a team of an opposite sex?


Okay, so I don't really have an impressive background for sports. But, I do have an attitude to pursue what I wish and want. I tried many sports over the years. Football, baseball, bowling, and sucked. Until my high school finally picked up Boys Volleyball in my Senior year which was sad, cause I always enjoyed it once I had my first scrimmage. Til I knw I had to move on. So, I have work-study and I enjoyed today but I Was disappointed with not being allowed to play Field Hockey. When I first heard of field hockey I thought it was just hockey in a field/grass and I thought that was for me, cause I'm physical like that. Btw, I'm 5'4 and 150 lbs I prob wouldn't cut it in football. But when I noticed the players wore skirts I was surprised. But when I thought about playing I was pissed about the skirts but just wabted to play. But I thought, I would play with a skirt but would be pissed about it. So, once the game was over I approached the coach and said I was interested and she said it was too late but I couldn't play because if she let me play they would be inellegible for championships and would be labeled co-ed. I'm like to my self okay, but would one person matter? I know I'm a male but I could dominate if I wanted probably even tho there be a hell lot of calls going on. I'm aiming for lacrosse now, but what do you think? I feel when females want to get involved in something manly, they're encourage to feel the pain or whatever, but when it's a man he's automatically denied

Robert, hi.
Thanks for the reach out of the question because of course it is timely and as sport evolves, the lines of separation between men's and women's sports will blur. Especially because of the growing interest in all sports and in the technological advances in equipment and the continued refinement of performance training.

A couple of thoughts relevant to field hockey since that is what you mentioned, but also lacrosse and sport in general relative to the situation you encountered.

a. I would recommend if you are still interested in field hockey that you contact USA Field Hockey and inquire about development leagues in Delaware or where you are located. Men's field hockey, I am sure, would appreciate your interest in the sport. When you go on the USAFH site,, you'll notice that the U.S. Men's National Team do not wear skirts.

b. If field hockey development team or program is not available in your geographic area, then lacrosse, if available is an excellent sport as well.

c. Intramural sports provide persons an outlet for to hone their athleticism and build their love of the game. Perhaps in your school or community you could find a recreation club or an intramural program, or talk to the national sport governing bodies (for example, USA Field Hockey) about developing a recreation program for adults in your community. A great model of this kind of grass roots development through clubs and intramural play is found in the sport of cricket here in the U.S. Since there are no intercollegiate cricket teams, that I know of, the sport is taking shape and hold here in the U.S. through a club system.

d. Males and females wanting to be a part of a sport have had to make choices, based on the availability of the sport at the level in which they want to compete, for a long time. That is why the club system or recreational league or intramural programs, what ever form they take, are so critical and needed in most communities. I often ask people who want to be a part of a team if they have explored and identified all other opportunities to play, gain instruction, and compete, before they dismiss themselves from the sport.

Hope this helps. And good luck in pursuit of your interest in playing lacrosse!  

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