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Hi Maam Margy!
  I'm a student of Sport and wellness management in my university here in the Philippines. And I want to make myself much better in this field for me to have a great job in the future. So can you help me maam if there's a seminar about sport and wellness management especially here in the Philippines that will help me a lot? And if there's a lot of opportunities or jobs here in the Philippines if I graduated in this field? And can you give me some tips or guides how can I gain some knowledge about my course? What do I need to read or to know to become a great sport personnel?

Thank you to your response in advance maam!

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Hi and thanks for the great question.
I would recommend you go to your university and ask in the Career Services Department for graduates who are working in the field you are pursuing. I would also scheduled a weekly meeting with someone in sport either as a phone call or a personal visit to ask them about how they prepared for their career in sport.

Every one takes a different path to get to their dream job but along the way, we all experience a few things in common. One is that experience above all things gets you where you need to be. My recommendation is to volunteer for as many sports events as possible. It will build your network, your relationship with managers of sport, and it will give you a "behind the scenes" look at what it takes to manage, promote, and fund an event. I can't emphasize enough how vital it is to experience the process of event management. It is really invaluable to you as a learning tool and as a way to open doors, make contacts, and feel good about being involved and learning at the same time!

The other recommendation is to read everything you can in the area of sport you want to pursue. For example, if you are wanting to pursue a job in sports marketing, I would read every marketing book (sports or other products), and read journals, periodicals, white papers, and peer reviewed research relative to marketing. The more you know about the subject from a theoretical perspective, the more knowledge you'll be able to use and the more quickly you'll learn what it takes to solve the smallest to the largest issues facing sports marketers.

There are endless opportunities in sport. Look deep within a sport organization and you'll discover many positions that you didn't know existed but that are necessary components to make the sport work. Also be looking at minor league teams, major recreational and sports events, charitable events related to sports, and sports leagues and associations for job opportunities. Offer to intern at a selected sport organization for a semester to gain a better understanding of the fiscal management, operations, marketing, etc. that make up a successful event or league or sport association.

Finally, choose one area that you really love about sports (front office, recruitment, game day operations, marketing, communications, sponsorship, ticket sales, field operations, coaching, etc.) and pursue that with a single minded focus of being the best you can be in that field. Become an expert and the "go to guy" in your field in your country. It will take a lot of work, commitment, and time and energy, but the sport will reward you and the players, coaches and the fans will appreciate your sense of commitment and your expertise.

Lastly, buy the book I wrote, Put Fans in Stands, and leave me a 5 star rating! Its just $.99 USD, and it will give you great insights in to sports marketing and promotions. Here is the link to buy the book (it is an e-book only):

Thank you and good luck. Let me know how you are doing.

Yours in sport business,
Margy Lang
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