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Who is the better start between Tony Romo and Andy Dalton this week?

Also, who is the better start between Felix Jones, DeMarco Murray, Jonathan Stewart and LaRod Stephens-Howling?



Hey Dan,

A slight lean towards Dalton coming off the bye week. I am a Romo/Cowboys fan too. I could see a benching for Romo early if he turns the ball over 2-3 times. I own Romo in one of my leagues, and tussling with going the Freeman route the rest of the way. The Cowboys don't trust the run game, and players like Dez/Ogletree are hurting Romo's value with misread routes and key drops. I do not blame Romo like others love to do all the time (he's running for his life half the time with that OLine).

Howling might be the safest bet of those four this upcoming week as scary as that sounds.


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