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I'm in a standard league and have Romo and Dalton.  Dalton is playing great, but Romo might have a better match-up.  Who is the better start this week?

I have the Giants DST and the Browns DST.  Browns are playing good DST and might have a better match-up.  Which is a better start?



Believe it or nor Romo does not have a better match up, if you take away rushing production by QB's against the Eagles they are the same as SD on paper in the middle of the pact.  Romo is not Griffin nor Newton, he does not scramble.  

Eagles will be playing for pure pride, because their season is pretty much over and will try to get the win away and I will not be surprised if Romo throws a pick or 2.

The fact that the boys are playing at home is defenitely great, but right now that Cincy offense is red hot...go with the hot hand in San Diego.

Good Luck.

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