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Who is the better start this week Romo or Dalton?  I am leaning towards Romo, but he scares me, but Denver is tough on QB's.

Who is the better RB start this week Jonathan Stewart or Felix Jones?  Jones is always hurt and now is on the injury report for shoulder and knee.  He might not finish the game or maybe less carries because of this.  Stewart has the potential, but will he produce?



I personally would go with Romo, he had 4 interceptions last week and still managed some decent stats (but it depends on what format you play). Atlanta is also pretty lenient on defense or at least more than Denver.

As for the RB situation, both of their starts depend on the other RB on their teams. Jones status depends on the health of DeMarco Murray.  Stewart's will get more touches if the Panthers trade DeAngelo Williams. Long story short, I believe Stewart has been more consistent and as you have said, the potential needed. Best of luck.


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