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Clay Matthews is slated to return this week and I don't know if I should start him or keep him on the bench 1 more week. Its between him and Sean Weatherspoon who has been OK this year but not great.

The league I'm in rewards sack artists alot more than consistent tacklers so Clay has a way bigger up side than Weatherspoon. Plus he'll be going up against the Bears and their horrible     o-line and the last time they played he had 3.5 sacks.

The injury scares me though, he may only see half his regular snaps, get re-injured, or just not have his burst.

Hi John,

I would start Clay, division match ups are always great for Clay, there are 2 issues though.

He is still not 100% so meaning he might be a little limited and his sacks have dropped off after the 1st few weeks even when he was healthy.

I wouldn't expect the world, but you are guaranteed at least 1 sack and 6-7 tackles from him.  Can we definitely guarantee Eli will be sacked by a LB and not a DE? I don't think so.

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