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Made it to the playoffs in a 12 team league that starts 2 QBs, my 2 starters are Romo and Dalton with Weeden on the bench.

This week Romo is facing the #1 pass D of the Steelers and Weeden is playing the Redskins and their 31st ranked pass D so I'm thinking about benching Romo for Weeden. Also Dez Bryant looks like he wont play, but I'm still not 100%.

Romo or Weeden?

Hi Matt, congrats on the playoffs.

I would not take a risk on starting Weeden over Romo, whether Dez plays or not.

Romo has talent other than Dez including a TE who can produce when needed and Ogeltree, Romo loves to throw and will throw a lot simply because I do not think Murray will get ground yardage on the Steelers stingy Run D.  Weeden has absolutely no one to throw the ball to, it is a team built around Trent and the run and even in a shaky matchup against the Steelers Romo has a better chance to produce even if he turns the ball over once or twice.

Good Luck  

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