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I am in a 10 team PPR FFL and our draft is Friday night.  I have the 9th pick and was wondering you think would be best at that spot.  I know Calvin Johnson will be gone as well as AP, J. Charles, A. Foster.  I was thinking about either a QB (Brees or Rodgers - if still on the board) or a RB like Ray Rice or CJ Spiller then come back in round 2 with AJ Green or Brandon Marshall possibly.  Thoughts?



Hey Pete,

First off, don't assume guys will be gone. One of my recent drafts saw Charles slip to 10th (non PPR) and Foster can slip past pick 5 with his injury concerns. In PPR expect guys like Bush and Sproles to go a lot higher (early-mid round 2).

I'm in one league where 6 pts is awarded for QB TD's. If you are in that type of league look at Brees or Rodgers late 1st round-early 2nd round. However if your league is 4 pts for QB TD along with being in a 10 team league go after top tier WR's (Marshall/AJ/Dez/Julio/White) and Jimmy Graham at TE (there are at least 10-12 quality QB's this year).


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