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I am in a keeper league of about 7 years and I would like your opinion on who my best keepers are. This is a PPR league that starts QB, 2 RB's, 3 WR's, TE and DST. We keep 4 players. I'm definitely keeping Trent Richardson and Spiller. Fighting for the other 2 spots are Colston, Gronk, Romo, and Sproles (not great). Any suggestions? I have trades on the table for Spiller to get a top 10 WR and an early pick. Thanks!

I agree with you on Richardson and Spiller.  I would definitely keep Gronk as well.  As for the last spot, I think it comes a down to which position is the hardest to fill.  But without knowing that, I would probably keep Colston.

Let me know if you want advice on your trade offers.

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