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Hi Paul, i'm looking for some advice on what to do about a commissioner that bailed on the league and took some of the owners money and changed his number.

Nobody can get a hold of him because he changed his number.

What do you suggest we do as a league?  because now there are owners (with losing records) saying that they are quitting too because this guy left the league.  These guys with losing records are trying to take advantage of the situation and bail too because they know they are not going to win and don't want to give up their money.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.  Thanks for your time.


Sorry to hear that.  I take it you can't walk over to the guy's house either and get your money back.

To keep the league together, I would tell everyone that you guys are going to finish the season but money will be taken out of the equation.  You will just be playing for bragging rights.  Hopefully you can keep the league together and then you can all play next season too.

There are services out there like League Safe that guard your League money so this type of situation doesn't happen.  You may want to use it in the future if you are going to keep money in your League.


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