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I am talking with a buddy about doing a trade which would include me giving up:

A. Foster - Hou
S. Johnson - Buf
B. Pierce - Bal
M. Vick - Phi


A. Morris - Was
D. Amendola - NE
J. Rodgers - ATL
C. Shorts - Jax

I have Brees at QB and Rivers as a back up - McFadden at RB and mathews i have Cobb and Fitsgerald at WR

What do you recommend?

Please let me know ASAP my friend wants to get this done before Thursday game and we have 24 waiting period before trades are approved


Hey Pete,

I think it's a pretty good trade.  Here is how I break it down.  Foster is better than Morris and he will get better as the season progresses, so that's your only down side.  Vick is not going to hold up all season and will fade as the season progresses and you have a good back up in Rivers, so Shorts is a better pick up there.  Johnson will only have that great game here and there, so Amendola is a better player, if he stays healthy Brady loves him.  Pierce is a better back up RB than Rodgers.  Once Jackson returns in week 7 Rodgers won't do much. So you have a slight advantage in the trade, but overall it's pretty even.

Sorry it took so long, I was out of town.  Hope this helps!

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