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Hi Dan,

I'm looking for a second opinion on a move I'm about to make regarding Monte Ball.

So, far I'm disappointed on his performance and now that hes injured I want to drop him and pick up Ryan Matthews, who is available on the waiver wire.  I know Matthews is still injured and won't be back for another couple weeks, but looking long term for the season, should I drop Monte Ball now and pick up Matthews before somebody else does?

or should I hold on to Monte Ball?

Thanks, Your opinion is greatly appreciated.


Hey Dan,

Ideally if you could drop some other player that is expendable and pick up Matthews it would be the best case scenario and you would have both.  

I know Ball has been disappointing and Matthews is hurt, but I think of the two Ball has the best long term upside.  Matthews is hurt and he is always hurt, that's probably why he is on the waiver wire to begin with.  Ball started slow like many of the top RB's, but they are coming around now and I hope Ball will do the same.  If you pick up Matthews and drop Ball you might find Matthews hurt again down the road, as he is prone to be and stuck without a RB, whereas Ball should be a little better as far as health goes because he is younger and I think will get better.  The only downside to Ball is he might end up splitting some carries with Hillman if he does good in the games Ball is out.

I think you have to ride out Ball and see if he can be the top back that he was projected to be, it's just too early to give up on him yet.  Plus I think dropping him would make the other teams salivate over who gets to pick him up the fastest.

Hope that helps and good luck this week!


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