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is stacking a player a good idea in fantasy football also arent the head to head leagues better to play thatn these tournaments?these tournaments seem to be getting like lotto.also any money management ips?like when should one play the twenty five dollar games?

Hey Blake,

Stacking a player is risky in fantasy.  If you stack the right ones you do great, but if you don't then you are done.  It's too hit and miss and I would spread it out to give yourself a better chance.

These sites are harder to win than they make it seem.  You have pro's playing 200-300 games each a week and unless you can pick a few long shots that hit, it's tough to win.  The pro's do multiple combinations of players to strengthen their odds of winning.  The average Joe has to get lucky to win the big money playing a few games.  If you play head to head it's easier to win, but you have to play for bigger money to make it worth your while.  Bottom line is in order to win you need to find the long shot or cheap player that has a breakout week.  The guys that win are the ones that predict the 2-3 inexpensive players that have a breakout week.

Tips for playing Fanduel or Draft Kings is play the head to head or games with 50 players or less.  The odds are better and you can win as long as you are good at figuring out who will have the breakthrough week that's not a big name expensive player.  That's why these pro's play so many games, they choose a bunch of different breakout players to strengthen their odds of winning the big money.  It is a lotto now that everyone is playing.  Unless you want to play a ton of games, stay away from the big money games with hundreds of thousands of players, it takes a lot of money and game plays to win.  Play the $25 head to head or $25 game with 25 players or less so you have better odds of winning some money.  You may not win the millions, but you can make some good money if you win those games.  Don't buy into the commercial hype, the guy that started with $35 and won 2 million, he was lucky or as you said, hit the lotto.

Hope this helps!


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