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Hi Kirby, I've been offered a trade and would like your opinion.
I've been offered CJ Anderson and Melvin Gordon for Ameer Abdullah and Lamar Miller.
It's a PPR league.
Your opinion and time is greatly appreciated.



Hey Dan,

If it were a keeper league I'd jump on it. I'm not the biggest CJ supporter, but like Gordon's long term potential. The problem is I see with Gordon is his blocking ability on 3rd downs which takes him off the field for Woodhead who should be stealing carries and redone all year long. Kubiak gets more credit for his zone blocking scheme than I believe he deserves so CJ value gets inflated. As long as PManning is there it's still a throwing team.

Losing Abdullah and Miller will not cripple you. You might get 2nd and 3rd best RBS (not high on Miller at all never have been) but there is 20-40% chance Abdullah is the real deal.

Hope this helps some.  

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