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QUESTION: Hello doctor again, well I m fourteen and female (love all types of sports). Just yesterday when I was doing my favorite event hurdles when I jump I felt the back of my left thigh snap and my right knee hit the hurdles really hard straight on and I felt pain and it started swelling and when I landed my right knee was already painful and I landed on my left leg straight and twisted around since the back of my thigh was really painful and I heard a loud painful pop in my left knee and my knee gave way and it started swelling almost straight alway and i couldn't walk of the track and my coach help me of and told me to go to the ER but my mum refuse to let me go because she didn't think it was serious enough, my coach was fighting with my mum to take me to the ER but she just carried me home. I have alot of knee sprains when I was little and it have cause me alot of problems like I have really weak quads, my left leg my calf and thigh is much more smaller than my left and my PT say that it was muscle wasting. I would like to ask what do I do now, how can I manage, should I go to the ER and what injury did I do to my knee. Thank you for your time.


I am very sorry to hear you hurt your knee.  The fact that you "heard a loud painful pop" and that you are experiencing instability and swelling leads me to highly encourage you to be seen by a physician.  i would suggest you go directly to an orthopaedic surgeon (as opposed to the emergence department).  I think it is important to evaluate if you have torn a ligament or tendon in your knees.

Good luck.  I hope everything goes well.  

Kind regards,

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QUESTION: Hey there again doctor you were right I went to see an orthopedic surgeon my mum took me. I have got 2 xrays and three MRI scans. I have actually torn my ACL, PCL and MCL and my hamstring in my left leg and have a patella contusion on my right knee. I m now on crutches and have a long stiff knee brace and another brace for my right knee. My orthopedic surgeon say that I should have surgery and replace my torn ligaments and hamstring but my question is what type of would I have, which one would be the best for my age and I can get back to sport sooner since my orthopedics didn't give us that much options and didn't explain that much to my mum and me and so now I need to ask this. Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Jenny,

I'm very sorry to hear you hurt your knee and that the injury is quite extensive. You ask very good questions about what material (your own tissue, aka, am autograft, versus cadaveric donor tissue, an allograft) will be used as well as what your prognosis is for returning to your sport. There are different options as far as which type of tissue could be used to reconstruct your ligaments. I think it would be wise for you and your parents to make a list of your questions and then make an appointment to meet with your surgeon to ensure all of your questions are answered and everything has been explained in terms you understand. I would also suggest you focus on icing and elevating your knee, as you ideally want to go into surgery with as little swelling as possible. You would also likely benefit from some sessions with a physical therapist BEFORE surgery, as the more motion (straightening and bending) of your knee you have going in to surgery, the more you'll have coming out.

On a side note, our practice also does consults over the phone at no charge. You can learn more at
Good luck and I hope all goes well for you!!


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QUESTION: Hello doctor I have listen to your advice to ice and elevate my knee as much as possible and even kind of bending and straightening my knee too. After surgery I didn't felt that much pain. Its only been a week and two days after my knee and hamstring surgery. I m home but the long stiff knee brace is kind of bothering me and my crutches make my shoulder and arm sore. my question is why is where my cut red, numb and kind of sore. I have got six cuts, the longest one was an inch where my thigh is. Should I go to the orthopedist again to ask why is my cut so red,numb and sore or is it just normal after surgery also how can I make my crutches feel more comfortable?

Hi Jenny,

I hope you are on the road to recovery from surgery.  I think it is a good idea that you make an appointment to see your surgeon.  While incisions can be slightly red by nature, I think it is smart to get it checked to ensure you don't have an infection.  Your doctor should also be able to give you pointers on helping the crutches to be more comfortable.  One thing I can suggest is to wear cycling or weight lifting gloves which have padding to help your hands to be more comfortable.

Best of luck with your recovery.

Kind regards,

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