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on 10/20/12 my 10 yr old daughter was standing on the toilet seat cover when it slipped off and she came barreling down and landed full force on her shin hitting the edge of the toilet.  With in seconds it was swollen.  A trip to urgent care showed nothing was broken.  She was given crutches becasue she could not put any weight on it.  We treated it with cold packs and elevation.  A week later we saw her Dr. because she was still unable to put any weigth on it.  A 2nd x-ray showed not fracture.  Week 2 another visit to the Dr. - Leg was still a bit swollen but looking better even though it still hurt a lot and she could not walk on it.  Week three still on crutches and in pain.  Finally on 11/16/12 she startes limping on injured leg using her toes and is in pain.  Can only stand/walk for about 20 min and has pain.  Today it's been a month since her injury and I am worried that she has not completely healed.  Should I be insisting she see a specialist?  I have her ice her leg and keep it elevated (even in school).  I rub her leg at night even though it still hurts when I touch it.  I can feel large lumps under the skin.  What should I do?

As always, the advice on here should be taken as advice given without being able to actually see your diagnostic tests and seeing the patient.

Thank you for your question.  There are a couple things I can think of that this could be.  1. there is a small subtle fracture that isn't being caught on xray.  2. a bad bone bruise (bone contusion) 3. soft tissue contusion.

IN all three cases, rest is key but if there is a fracture sometimes we put people in boots to immoblilize or cast them.  If you have a bad bone bruise I also put you in a boot to take pressure off the bone as the bone is weakened a bit and is more suseptible to injury.

I wouldn't worry about the large lumps under the skin as they aren't a sign of anything but may be a sign of collection of fluid.  What kind of doctors have you seen.  What part of the country or world are you in that I may be able to recommend a physician for you.

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