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Hi doctor, well I m fifteen and female (love all types of sports). Here is a bit of detail when I was doing my favorite event hurdles when I jump I felt the back of my left thigh snap and my right knee hit the hurdles really hard straight on and I felt pain and it started swelling and when I landed my right knee was already painful and I landed on my left leg straight and twisted around since the back of my thigh was really painful and I heard a loud painful pop in my left knee and my knee gave way and it started swelling almost straight alway and i couldn't walk of the track and my coach help me of and told me to go to the ER but my mum refuse to let me go because she didn't think it was serious enough, my coach was fighting with my mum to take me to the ER but she just carried me home. I have alot of knee sprains and stress fractures on both of my knees when I was little and it have cause me alot of problems like I have really weak quads, my left leg my calf and thigh is much more smaller than my left and my PT say that it was muscle wasting.

I have been to have MRI scans on my knees it shows that I tore a bit of my MCL, meniscus, LCL and torn my ACL including my hamstring in my left knee and on my right knee I have bruises on my bone and tiny fractures on my knee cap. Both of my knees are really painful now and I can barely walk on it (it gives way all the time, swells alot, and I can't straighten any of my legs). The MRI I got was only from a doctor and he didn't put me on crutches or anything. My doctor just gave me painkillers and anti imflamation tablets only. My question is do I need to go to the ER my mum made a big fuss saying nothing is wrong, do I need surgery I love track and field and want to come back but I can barely walk, if I do what surgery would I have?


Thank you for the question and the information.  First off, just a torn MCL would heal on its own with rest and then rehab.  The torn ACL, LCL, and meniscus need to be seen by an orthopedic surgeon (preferably a sports one since you are young and an athlete).  The ACL will not heal on its own and needs to be made again.  The LCL is an important ligament and if torn, it usually means the knee will be very unstable.  The meniscus is like a shock absorber for your knee joint and when torn you can get it caught and tear it more.  The bottom line is that for the left knee that has these tears, if you don't fix them, they will continue to cause pain and swelling and overtime you will get arthritis very very early in life.  THIS IS SOMETHING YOU DEFINITELY WANT TO HAVE AN ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON/SPORTS MEDICINE doctor look at.  

With the right knee, one would need to see the xrays and MRI's to see what needs to be done.  Sometimes this can be treated conervatively (braces/crutches and then physical therapy) and at other times you need surgery for this as well.

This is definitely not something you want to just sit on as it will not heal on its own.

Please remember that this is advice based on the information provided only.  Not being able to examine your knee or see the testing puts me at a disadvantage, however I suggest you see the local orthopedist as from your description this seems like a serious injury.

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