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Sports Medicine/knee sprain after exercise


I'm afraid I really did some damage to my knee yesterday, but I can't figure out exactly what is wrong.

This may or may not have compounded the problem, but I tried a new workout video yesterday, which included lunges while holding weights.  Knee problems run in my family, so I am always very cautious not to overextend when I exercise.  Still, about 20 minutes after I finished, my knees felt a little tender.

About an hour later I was taking the sheets off a bed with wheels, and the bed slid away from the wall, causing me to land off-balance with all my weight on my left foot.  My left knee hurt moderately bad at first, but the pain went away in under 10 minutes and I forgot about it.

Several hours later I was reaching up to get something off a high shelf, and went up on my tiptoes.  Instantly there was a shooting pain from my left knee, and I almost collapsed.  The pain continued radiating up & down from my knee for almost 15 minutes.  I tried to massage around it and gently stretch my leg, but it didn't help much.  When the pain started to subside, I could put a little weight on it, but I couldn't straighten out my leg.

I had mild pain during the night but zero swelling.  This morning I still can't straighten my left leg, and my knee still feels very tender when I put any weight on it.  There is no swelling or bruising.  Any idea what I may have done, and how to treat it until I can get to a doctor?  Also any recommendations for preventing this ever happening again would be fantastic.  Thanks very much!


YOu need tobe seen by a sports medicine specialist as you may have torn a meniscus or something else that would maybe need an MRI.  I would let someone examine the knee and order the appropriate test.

If you tell me where in the country you are I can help you find a doc/

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