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Hi i am 24 yr old male. About 5 month back i started running and 1 one day i had 100 m sprint. After that i started feeling pain in knee,shin and calf(more in left leg). I consulted a physiotherapist for it and i was fine after 10 days. But after that i realized that whenever i give stress to the leg, i feel pain. When i play with proper stretching and exercise, the knee is fine. But if i don't than i feel pain in knees and in side/upper thigh(left leg). I've also consulted a general physician for this and he asked me to have few tests and they were fine. But pain is still there. Kindly suggest now what should i do?

you sound like you have patella femoral pain syndrome and shin splints. I would see a sports medicine physician not a generalist and hvae them send you to a 6 week course of PT.

This will help strengthen your calf, knee and hip muscles all of which will help your issues.

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