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I have been running for 9 months totally pain free. 2 weeks ago at the very start of my usual Sunday morning run I had a sharp pain in my forefoot. I ran through it for 1/4 mile. It went away and comfortably completed a 6+ mile run. Ever since I have had intermittent pain in my forefoot more toward the small toes than the ball of the foot. I have not run since, have taken Alleve 3 times a day, used ice packs and rolled a frozen water bottle under my foot and used an arch bandage. The pain is worst first thing in the morning. Eases after I am up and around but comes and goes all day.

Running was my one mental escape from life's stress. This is very depressing. Any suggestions? (I hate Drs BTW as my family members have several chronic conditions that require frequent Dr appts)

This seems like it may be Morton's neuroma.  It could also be plantar fasciitis but seems like the neuroma.  I think you need to see someone to give you some relief with either pads to move where the pressure is or you can get an injection.

Let me know if you need help finding someone in your area.  I understand you hate docs but hopefully this wouldn't be a chronic thing if taken care of properly.

Dr. Mody
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