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About a month ago I had a bad fall off my bicycle going at a fast speed. When I fell, I took most of the hit on my left hip area. Nothing broke according to my doctor but he said I should RICE it. The injury left me with a swollen left bursa or as my doctor said "inflamed". It looked as if I was smuggling a mango on my left hip.

Since the injury the swelling has gone down significantly, so recently I decided to get back into my jogging routine as I was running 6 miles a day and biking on the weekends.

Upon my first run I was able to run for 4 miles with no issues. On my second run however I started to have pain on the outside of my knee of the injured leg. I rested and iced it when I got home, but it bothered me enough to limp the next day. The pain only lasted for one day, and decided to RICE some more.

I waited about a week before I went out again, but this time the pain was less manageable on the outside of my knee. It feels as if I was given a charlie horse on the outside of my left knee but now I also have tightness on the outside of my left hip as well.

To me this I feel it is an IT band issue and have read that stretching and using a foam roller to rehab it is the best plan of action.

My injury occurred almost 1.5 months ago and have some concerns regarding this pain and if its to be expected. Granted I only started to feel this pain once I started jogging again but felt that I should try and get back into my routine once I started to feel better.

I now have pain on the front section of my leg. I guess it would be my lap area and feels like a sharp sting along with some muscle soreness on my hip area traveling towards my knee.

It's not terrible pain, I'm not using any medication for it and I have no issues walking, just the discomfort at the moment and occasional limp after a jog due to the pain on the outside of my left knee.

Should I be concerned or is this par for the course. I'm not new to bruises or sports injuries however this is one I've never had.


Hi Manny,

Sorry to hear about your fall and that you hurt your knee. I does sound like it may possibly be an IT issue, but since it hurts toward the front of your knee, I wonder if it may be a meniscal issue.

Since it has been bothering you for a month and a half, I think it would be wise to be seen by an orthopaedic specialist. If it is something like an IT issue, your health care practitioner might prescribe a topical antiinflammatory which might help.  If it is a cartilage (meniscal) issue, it would be good to know so you can know what's going on which will direct your care.

Good luck and I hope things resolve for you.

Kind regards,

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