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A few weeks ago I hurt my upper inner thigh/groin area doing squats, I was lifting pretty heavy but made sure to keep perfect form. It only hurt at the top portion of the rep on the way up. I kept squating but a few weeks later the pain got worse spread to both sides of my groin/inner thigh (only on the way up at the top of the rep), my muscles felt perfectly able to complete more reps but I quit squating due to the pain. Iv been lifting weights for years but I have only recently started squating, I squat with a shoulder width stance toes slightly pointed outward and squat down till my hips are just slightly below parallel to the ground. the pain feels like it's in the muscle of my groin/inner thigh, sometime it kinda feels like it might be in the hip joint (it's kinda hard to pinpoint exactly were it's coming from). I workout in the morning about 30 min after I wake up, I do a light warm up first just some bdyweight exercises to try and bring my body temp up befor I start lifting heavy (jumping jacks; bodyweight squats; trunk rotations; high knees ect.). I lift outside and it's pretty cold 45°-60°. I'm currently taking a week off from squats, no lower body work to let the injury heal. Not sure if stretching would make things worse, so not stretching for a week either (dosent hurt when I stretch tho). I know this was a long question, just trying my best to explain everything in hopes of an answer to help me get back to my weightlifting goals, I cant offord to go to the doc. If Thers anything you can tell me please help

This could be a hip flexor injury or a labral issue or a adductor injury.  You would need to see a sports doc to find out.  You could be sent for physical therapy to work on the specific issue or if they aren't sure what you have you may need xray/mri...if there is an MRI and around the hip, we usually do it with arthrogram so we can see the joint and the labrum well.  

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