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yesterday i rolled my ankle while playing soccer. it was an official game and the injury happened about 15 mins into the game and i continued playing for another 60 mins. Now it is swollen but i'm not experiencing much pain. I've even successfully written the alphabet numerous times with my toes with very very little discomfort. I would like to know what is the severity of the injury? Why it is swollen? and how soon i can get back on the field?

i'm 18 years old and this is my 5th ankle injury in 2 years, the 4th on this ankle. thank you in advance

Dear Bhumeshwar,

I'm sorry to hear you injured your ankle. Swelling usually indicates some sort of injury. The extent of the injury is hard to know without you being examined. You may have partially or completely torn a ligament (possibly your anterior talor fibular ligament). You will still be able to move your ankle even if you partially or totally tore the ligament. A physical exam and an MRI if indicated, will help guide your care and when you can get back to playing.

I wish you well in your recovery and hope you get back on the field soon.

Kind regards,

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