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QUESTION: I hit the front of my knee below my knee cap 48hrs ago.  It hurt alot, but the pain went away quick.  I was slightly limping but the pain was very mild.  No real swelling.  I thought it would go away soon so thought nothing of it.  The next day I was on a cross country flight and it started hurting a little.  By the time I got off the plane, I could barely put any weight on the knee and limped my way through the airport to my car.  It was ok if I basically locked my knee straight.  It was swollen and a good bit of pain. I put ice on it.  This morning the pain is mostly gone.  It doesn't hurt to bend my knee from straight to about 90deg (further hurts), but it does hurt if I try to straighten it without support.  I still can't put much weight on it depending on the angle.  Anyways I submitted a worker comp claim but they tell me I need to wait 24hrs before an adjuster calls me until I can setup a doctor's appt.  My only alternative would be to goto the ER.  Do you think this warrants an ER visit?  or would waiting 24hrs be ok.  I'm not in pain if I don't move and its already been 48hrs so I'm inclined to wait.  Why would everything be ok for 24hrs then suddenly get worse.

ANSWER: Hi Enrico- sounds like ER is not necessary- do your ice 15min, 2-3/day, take 2 Advil after meals every 4-6 hrs & see the dr. The patella,(knee cap) tendon is right where you hit it & probably bruised it. Sitting still on plane with no movement probably allowed swelling & then pain. Stay off it as much as possible & see dr. Should things change- like lots of pain, fever, etc., THEN ER makes sense. You DO need evaluation & Dr. visit to define what exactly you did- doubt you did anything serious.. Hope that helps.. Dr. Bob Weil

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QUESTION: If sitting still allows swelling and pain, what do you recommend I do if I stay off it.  Should I try to bend it back and forth? or just keep it straight?

if it ends up just being a bruise, what is the typical treatment.  Just staying off it? or would I be able to walk around with a cane or something?

Keep doing what we said- limit activity, ice, anti inflammatories & make Dr. appt possibly with orthopaedist. Depending what this is- bruise, sprain etc will determine treatment possibly physical therapy.
Mild movement, if not painful ok but don't be too aggressive--
Better to do less, not more until you see dr. .. Dr. Weil

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