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Sports Medicine/Forearm pain following maximal force strain


First, thank you SO much for being available to consider my question! To not waste your time, here it is:

About 2 months ago, I pulled something very, very hard using my left hand, pulling across my body. (It was actually the sheets/covers on my bed- they were stuck and I pulled at 100% and they wouldn't budge).
After that day, I have pain in my forearm-near the elbow but on top/outside portion of my forearm. I guess you could say its the top of my elbow. It hurts when I pick up anything with a pronated grip, even something light.  I can't grab the milk out of the fridge, or pick up a suitcase. I could "carry" something with my arm hanging down, but when I 'lift" it, that's when the pain starts.
Since the pain is not going away even after 2 months, I fear that maybe my bone is fractured or something.  There is not a ton of pain to the touch, but I'm scared to really try it hard.
I am a kickboxing teacher, so my daily duties call for me to train on the heavy punching bag and I can go very hard and not have my arm hurt (thank God), but lifting really hurts it.
Can you please help?  Could this be a bone fracture?  Or could a tendon have torn when I overexerted it?  Can this possibly heal on its own?  Thank you!

Hi Chris- with your ability to throw punches, etc., I highly doubt you broke or fractured anything. Sounds like you might have injured tendon or ligament in the area, (tennis elbow like epicondylitis). Only X-ray, (rule out bone,joint), or MRI, or diagnostic ultra sound, (examine tendon, ligament, soft tissue), can tell you for sure. Ideally, Orthopaedist best bet to check this out. Since you're an
ATHLETE-  getting proper diagnosis is key. That would determine not only what this is, but what the best course of treatment would be,(rest, antiinflammatories, physical therapy etc.)
Heal on its own?-- Iffy, especially since you're pushing it-& it's been 2 mos.-- throwing punches etc. BEST- get evaluated. Hope this helps- good luck.. Dr. Bob Weil

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