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Hi, I have a question about electroconvulsive shock wave lithotripsy. I've heard it can resolve plantar fasciitis, which I have. The problem is that I'm told no insurance covers it. I don't see how this can be true if it's successful. Is it true? Thank you kindly.

Hi Amber- I think you're talking about ECSWT or extra corporal shock wave which is the use of high energy sound to stimulate healing action in PERSISTANT plantar fascitis, or scarred fascia called fasciosis.
This procedure was probably overused & insurance stopped coverage in many instances. This is not a magic bullet, usually reserved after other conservative measures (physical therapy- orthotics- cortisone injection possibly. I have found prescription orthotics extremely effective with physical therapy.
ECSWT also available in many podiatric practices & orthopaedic groups on cash basis.
Discuss with your podiatrist your options.. Good luck, Dr. Bob Weil

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