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My husband has a heel spur and plantar faciaitis. The heel spur showed up on an X ray when first diagnosed. It flared up so badly recently he saw his doctor again. Doctor said surgery is usually not performed  and he got a cortisone shot.
He was told it might take a while to improve, and he might need another shot.
In two weeks it has not improved at all, in fact he says it is a bit worse. He has new arch support soles, does foot stretches-nothing helps. The pain centres right on the spot the heel spur is. Should he wait it out, or insist on surgery to have the hel spur removed?

Hi Susan- rarely are heel spurs surgical problems. The spur itself is usually not the problem- its the inflamed attachment of the plantar fascia (plantar fasciitis), that's the culprit. Repeating cortisone injection (no more than 3), is not unusual. You mentioned new "arch supports", are these custom orthotics prescribed by podiatrist? That usually makes big difference. Also physical therapy is quite helpful along with oral anti inflammatory medication like ibuprophen or naproxen.
Often a night splint is helpful over few weeks. In summary, consider 2nd injection, talk to Dr. About getting diagnostic ultra sound exam which can evaluate the plantar fascia for thickness or micro tears. In cases with so much discomfort, Dr. Might consider putting him in walking boot to immobilize area for couple weeks. Almost always, these conservative therapies are successful... If your doc is not podiatrist, consider consulting with one. Hope this helpful, good luck..Dr.Bob Weil

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