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QUESTION: Hello Dr. Bob I was wondering if you could tell me the muscles that are involved isometrically when doing the heel raises exercise in which when doing the exercise tension in those muscles could be felt. Thanks and looking forwards to hearing your response :D

ANSWER: Hi Ryan- doing heel raises would involve numerous muscles in both pushing up on your toes & lowering down from the pushed up position. Pushing up involves the flexor hallucius  longus. Flexor digitorum longus, gastrocnemius & soleus attached to the Achilles tendon. Peronneals & tibial tendons help to stabilize. As you isometrically lower down, look for extensor hallusius, extensor digitorum, anterior tibialis to slow decent & assist gastric soleus in decelleration, with same stabilizers (Peronneals & tibs). THX for question.. Dr. Bob Weil

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QUESTION: Thanks a lot for your help Dr. Weil I appreciate it :D. I was just wondering so the muscles that are involved isometrically (stabilizer muscles) were the peronneals and tibial tendons correct? And are there any more besides those? Thanks for your help again, looking forwards to hearing from you :D

Hi Ryan- specifically we could include all intrinsic muscles of the foot (muscles of the foot itself), as well as all muscles that support the ankle & lower leg ( extrinsic muscles), as being included in "stabilizing" all motions. These would include pronation, ( muscles & tendons that dorsiflex, abduct, & evert the foot), & supination,( those that plantar flex, adduct & invert). These allow range of motion, stability over these motions & proprioceptive stability
In some way, shape or form-- all can be "active"!

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